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  1. Hi, I am working on a basement design and there are 6 support posts running down the center of the room. I could not find any appropriate items, so I placed them using a cylinder shape, however I can't seem to get the measurement tool to show dimensions between the posts in order to properly place them. Is there a better element that I should use, and is there a way to lock them in position so that they don't move when I place walls and build out the space? Thanks Al
  2. OK, I went back and re-read the document you sent, and followed the instructions at the end and now the 3d views show up and seem to be working more as expected. THANK YOU!!!
  3. Thanks for the quick reply.... I ran across that information after posting this, but sad to say, Toshiba doesn't have any newer drivers for me :-( I saw somewhere that I might be able to improve things by changing something about rendering, but I took a quick look, and don't know what to change. Thanks
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    Using 3d window

    I just installed Home Designer Suite 2015, and I'm having an issue with 3d views. In the 2d view I place a camera and a new window opens up, but nothing appers in the window. If I click in the area, the view shows up, but as soon as I move the mouse the picture disappears and so I can't do any editing in the 3d view. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Al