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    Gable roof wouldn't build

    Posted this on the wrong site, so re-posting the question and answer for posterity... I'm trying to get my plan to build a simple gable roof, but for some reason it just won't do it even though I followed the tutorial exactly. The house plan is a simple Aitch, with a flat roof garage (observation deck), a portico at the rear of the house, and a flat roof master suite opposite the garage side of the house. I made the East-West walls of the attic full gable, and unchecked Full Gable on the the North-South walls. When I try to build the roof, though, nothing happens. Any suggestions? The solution,.. Rename the "Attic" to anything else. Sure enough. I renamed the room from "Attic" to "Utility" and voila... Instant roof. (Needless to say, it's not finished yet.)
  2. AZ_Artist

    Real-Time Dimensions

    Also, the Temporary Dimensions option was what I must've turned off. Thanks for that, too.
  3. AZ_Artist

    Real-Time Dimensions

    Thanks David. I've been using the help quite a bit, actually. One thing that gets me, though... I looked up Suppress Labels because I didn't want to see the object numbers when I added items to the plan. The help text says "Select Suppress All Labels to display no label in floor plan view." Only problem is... It doesn't explain just where to select it. I still haven't been able to find it. I have to open each object individually, go to the Label tab and uncheck the Suppress Label checkbox. I've got a pretty good plan going, but obviously still have a lot to learn. Like how to add a landing at the top of the outside stairway going up to the Widow's Walk over the garage. Working on it.
  4. AZ_Artist

    Real-Time Dimensions

    I started a new plan and found the automatic dimensions and object labels seriously annoying, as they were cluttering up my screen. I made the mistake of trying to turn off the automatic dimensions. All I wanted to do is to suppress the object labels, but now, when I draw a new wall, the real-time dimension that displays as you're drawing the line no longer appear. Can someone tell me how to turn it back on?