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  1. (In Home Designer Architectural 2018) When moving or re-dimensioning exterior walls the dimensioning tool allows you to determine from which point you want to move or adjust the wall ie from the right. left, or center. Why don't we have the same functionality with moving interior walls? Is there an order of operations that I'm missing that I should follow which will allow me to do this? Is there a setting somewhere that I need to change? Anyone else running into this issue? Thanks for any feedback.
  2. DylanA

    Moving/Re-dimensioning Interior Walls.

    What I found was that if the dimension is within the smaller room itself it wouldn't allow me determine where to set the dimension 'anchor' at, but if I put the dimension within a larger area it would. Strange. And, I see that in your example your dimension is within the larger room as well. I'll start by trying to keep the dimensions outside the room when possible but I find this a little odd.
  3. DylanA

    Moving/Re-dimensioning Interior Walls.

    Thanks, I did include the particular software and year I'm using at the beginning of the post but thanks I'll edit my account settings to reflect this. And, yes, that's what I'm referring to except when I click on my interior wall tool it doesn't give me those options. Is there a way to change that? Thanks for the help.