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    Gable Roof

    Sorry, I don't really understand the threads and I clicked Quote, not sure what it does !! So happyh you have created the answer, I have been weeks on it. The origional roof is gables. I am trying so hard to do what you have done but I get a hole in the side of the house. or a huge triangular roof if I close the gap. Is there any chance you can upload the file you have edited ? Thanks in advance
  2. banterman

    Gable Roof

    Thanks, Yes, that looks perfect !! Wow how do I do it
  3. banterman

    Gable Roof

    OOPS ! I am using Home Designer Suite 2017 Build Not quite solver. I created an exact replica of my house, copied the file and then added an extention to the side. The origional house should have one long ridge from end to end. the two side gables should be of equal size and either the same hight or below the long ridge. Hope that helps and thanks for the reply.
  4. banterman

    Gable Roof

    Hi I am trying to create two gables on the long wall, see the attached file. I have split the long wall and created an invisable return wall on the second floor. I just can not figure it out. Any help appriciated./ Thanks Wesley School_Lane_Complete_Build.plan