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  1. That's right Jo-Ann. But for a $50k-70K project it's not worth the price of a bad design. The one on the right looks much better. I'm beginning to understand the steps you took to create it although Suites probably can't do that. I'll try to incorporate your ideas into my original plan and if Suites can't do it, so be it. An extended porch roof over only the entry door and porch might be a good idea. We'll study it. Good thought tho'. The whole exercise is to give our draftsman a rough idea of what were going for. We want to go for trusses if we can. We lose
  2. Thank you for your opinion David. It is appreciated. Doug
  3. Thank you Eric but we have only a limited amount of money to do this and adding even more elements is not possible. Cheers. Doug
  4. Boy! Do I feel stupid. I was looking at it backwards. Sorry. Must be this dreary Sunday weather. Thanks. Edit: This is the way I meant to draw it but it still doesn't match the graphic.
  5. Now that I look at your design, I am beginning to like it. You see my main concern was in losing the entrance roof. I re-shingled it only 2 years ago and it cost me $1,000. Jo-Ann got it right. Hers was exactly the design I was going for. Now I realize that the overhang would have to be trimmed back and the gable end touching it would need to be sheathed and sided before installation and it would require some flashing as well. It looks kind of funky but I have never been one to shy away from radical designs. But your design, if I am reading it right
  6. The bird's mouth for that rafter is supposed to "hug" the top plate, is it not? The "notch" or "bird's mouth" is supposed to have a cutout parallel with the top plate and a vertical cut perpendicular to it on the inside of the top plate, not the outside of it. Just a minor point but I noticed it right away. I don't usually zoom in to the framing that much but I just happened to and something struck me as not right. Cheers.
  7. I am going through the tutorials very carefully so as to understand the Suites better. I have come across an anomaly on rafter framing. Maybe someone can explain. I created a basic rectangular one-story house with a gable roof. When I view the framing of the roof rafters, it appears that the bird's mouths are not sitting on the top plates. Is this an error ? Thanks. Doug
  8. Send me the plan and I'll have a look.
  9. Here's the garage without a roof. If I try and put a roof on it, it messes up the entrance roof. How do I put a roof on the garage with 2 gable ends without messing up the roof next to it? Roof Test D.plan
  10. Do you see the current roof line of the roof over the entrance? It stays that way. The garage is built right next to it with 2 gable ends. The overhang of the entrance roof will be trimmed back to the exterior wall - in other words no overhang.That roof will meet one of the gable ends of the garage. The studio roof will be a continuation of the roof over the entrance - same pitch (look at the picture with the red circles of the back of the house). The ridge line of the studio roof will actually be the continuation of the ridge line of the entrance roof where it meets t
  11. No. The garage has gable ends at both ends.
  12. Yes but the pitch on the roof should be what it is now - 3 in 12 with no overhang in the front or back.
  13. Thanks for the tip but I would prefer to work on a smaller or simpler version of my plan. I also helps me learn faster because I can follow the progression of my steps. The full plan contains elements which I have yet to fully understand. Now, if you look at the rear of the house, the left side of the roof over what I have indicated as the Studio needs to be continued all the way to the front of the house as is shown in the photograph. Please note that the photograph is the current state of the house without the garage and with a dog run where the studio will go.
  14. Hi Jo_Ann. I am working with a "skeleton plan" so as not to bugger up my full plan which you and Solver and LawB10 helped me with ( I have attached the full Plan. I have also attached a photo of the current house to give you an idea of what the roof over the entrance looks like. Macgregor-1-1(4).plan
  15. Hello. I have been experimenting with my roof design to try and match what I need. I need the front roof over the entrance to match the pitch and slope of the back studio roof. I've got part of it but I can't seem to get the front to match the back. Can someone help me? Thanks. Doug Roof Test.plan