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  1. Thanks Solver, I like what you propose; the original was too busy. I will do the same for the other side and probably put another post in the middle underneath. I did not think about creating my own truss in SketchUp; just looked at what they had. I will try that next. Thanks so much; you have helped me yet again! Charlie
  2. Hello, I have been using Home Designer Suite 2018 for a while now and love it. I have been trying to create a beam truss assembly for my porch design and cannot seem to find a good way to do it. I have tried using the cabinet / soffit tool, library browser/ shape/ box tool and importing sketch up 3D files; but to no avail. I believe I can do most of what I want to do with the cabinet / soffit tool or library browser/ shape/ box tool; but cannot figure a way to rotate the shapes to a certain angle for the angled beams. I have attached a sketch showing what I would like to do, or a variati
  3. Thanks so much fellows for the info! I believe I can do this now!
  4. Hello, I have created a new design for my next home and I really love the suite software! I have been trying to create a shed dormer in my attic space, but with no luck. I have tried following one of your support articles, but it does not seem to work; it appears to be only for the pro software. Can I create a shed dormer in the suite software? If so, can you provide the steps to do so? Thanks
  5. I really appreciate your advice! I will go with the Suite. Thanks again and have a great day!
  6. Thanks again! One last question. Best bang for the buck for what I am trying to do; do you think I would better and easier achieve my needs with architectural or would Suite be OK?
  7. Thanks so much for the info! I will give Suite a try! Do you know if I can import the .dfx file from Virtual Architect Ultimate or should I just start over in Suite?
  8. Hello, I just recently bought virtual Architect Ultimate to design my new house. When I got to the vaulted ceiling design part of it, the software would not do it. The help line said it was no longer an option. What a disappointment! I am now looking for a different package to do my design with. I already have a builder who can take my floor plans and design the structure (framing, foundation, etc); I just need the most cost effective package to do my floor layouts, interior and exterior views, furniture placement (to check sizes of the rooms). Obviously, It needs to do vaulted ceilin