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  1. tgidave

    Wall height help needed.

    Yup, the ceiling height was set to 109 1/8. I was looking for a wall height field instead of a ceiling height field which was most of the confusion on my part. I will know better in the future. Thank you!!! Dave
  2. tgidave

    Wall height help needed.

    Hi All, I just upgraded to Home Designer Pro 2020 but I don't think that is a part of this problem. I am designing and building a small 12x16 shed with 8' walls. Everything went well until I decided to put a garage door on one side. When I added the door it defaulted to a 9x8 door and increased the wall height to 9'. I then changed the door size to 9x7 hoping that the wall size would revert to 8' again. No such luck. I can not find a way to change the wall height. I'm sure I'm just overlooking some field in some setting screen but any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Dave
  3. tgidave

    Deck railing placement.

    Thanks to both of you! I will give this a try. Thanks again, Dave
  4. tgidave

    Deck railing placement.

    Hi, Is there a way to attach the railing of a deck to the outside of the joist instead of on top of the planking? Thanks in advance, Dave