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    circuit planner/diagram in Home Designer Suite

    Currently I'm using HDS to place electrical components through the space (mostly lights, switches, and outlets). I understand using the "connect electrical" tool to connect lights and switches (which does smart things like automatically change out single pole to three way switch when multiple switches are attached to a single light). But what I dont know if HDS provides is a way to connect switches, lights, outlets, etc. into a circuit and to be able to keep track of different circuits in the structure (example: connect everything in the kitchen to a dedicated circuit labeled "kitchen"). It would be a way of organizing a sub-panel of circuits prior to running the wire. Thanks!
  2. Greetings all, I was wondering if there is anything in Home Designer Suite that allows for the planning of electrical circuits. I know you can connect switches, lights and outlets in the visual builder but i am more interested in planning out circuits separately from the building of the physical rooms/house. Thanks