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  1. Thanks JoAnn. I think I see where I was running into problems. Had my wall breaks in the wrong spots.
  2. Silly me. I thought roofs were an 'architectural' feature.
  3. I'm beginning to think that HD Architectural 2020 will not do this. I have no selections like David shows, cannot edit roof planes, cannot get anything to work like David did since I don't have those menu functions. I think this lends credence to my thought that Architectural is not capable of these functions. Next to last line shown:
  4. Hi Eric. That is exactly what I'm striving for! I think maybe with DJP's video I may be able to get there, IF HD Architectural 2020 is capable of all those functions. Now that I understand a bit more, I'll give it a go and see where I get. Thanks!
  5. Thanks DJP, very informative. Also, thanks for not sending me the file. I would much rather figure it out with your video as help. That creates a better brain 'wrinkle' of knowledge for me to work through it. Much appreciated!
  6. Here it is. Each 'wing' is intended to be 40' x 30' and the horizontal wall in the Family room should be 32' unless that become too unwieldly for the roof pitches to match and meet.. Sadly I cannot figure out how to get accurate dimensions in this software without some other wall or corner moving. Doesn't work like CADKey, MasterCAM, SolidWorks, BobCAD, SurfCAM, ProE or the other CAD/CAM products I've used over the decades. But then they are are for Mechanical design. Chevron_Full_2020.plan
  7. Here's what I'm needing to achieve. I can't get this figured out even though I've seen homes with a roof line like this built.
  8. I have tried every way I can think of to get this to have the correct roof, but nothing works. As a novice, I know it's probably me. Designing a 'chevron' foot print house. SIPS exterior walls & roof, no flat ceilings inside, crawl space and/or partial basement, still evaluating cost. "Wings" are 30' x 50' each, center 'hub' (kitchen, living, 3/4 bath) horizontal wall is 32' long. Also along this 32' wall, we want an arctic entry outside with a deck. Wanting gable roof on wing ends, hub horizontal wall. Prow front should be High Shed/Gable Wall, correct? I've tried building the wings first with gable walls then adding the hub. Tried building the hub then adding wings. I feel there is something I'm missing. Any help is appreciated. Jerry
  9. Yes. But this software is not adjusting the 1st floor wall height no matter how I change it. Tried making the 1st floor walls 48" but nothing chaged.
  10. So I have to create a room within a room to get rid of the 2nd floor walls? That's just goofy.
  11. Hi Eric. I started over and created this: Capture.png. I do not have flat ceilings inside since we are wanting vaulted ceilings using scissor trusses or TJI joists. Now the issue is that the bottom of the 2nd floor walls are showing inside well below the ceiling: Capture2.png What am I not getting?
  12. My apologies Eric. Running a small business and remodelling our current house sometimes leaves very little time for the 'want to' stuff. I have attached my creation. Monitor Shouse.plan
  13. Maybe I'm not getting the elevation of the 2nd floor correct? 1. I keep getting 'voids' in the triangular section between what appears to be the ceiling of the first floor and the roof of the first floor. I have the first floor set as NOT having a flat ceiling. 2. I cannot get the 2nd floor to allow me to pick "Open to below", it's always greyed out.
  14. Hello. I recently upgraded from Home Designer Suite 2018 to Home Designer Architectural 2020. We are getting ready to start building our retirement home back in my home of Montana. We have decided that we want a Monitor style Pole barn look, see the attached image. Still discussing with builder as to whether structure will be traditional stick framing 2x6 or pole barn. I can get the mail floor designed, no problem. What I am having trouble with is the 2nd "floor" structure. In our case, that feature will NOT be an actual floor since we are done with stairs. We just love the look and want it for light and ventilation. I have found the threads for pole barn design here in this forum, but they do not address the Monitor style, just simple gable roof. Looking for info on how to design the 2nd 'floor' roof and have it open to below. Again, I don't need to design for pole barn structure, I can use standard 6" exterior walls. I just need to get the style so I can submit to our builder and we can then determine if he will construct by standard 2x6 stick frame or pole barn. He has many years of experience in both and we have seen multiple examples in person of his work on both and have talked with many of his customers, some of which will be our neighbors. Hopefully HD Architectural 2020 is capable of this and I'm just missing something. Thanks!