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    3d printer experience?

    Makes total sense. I was hoping HDP could print floor+walls for one room at a time. But it seems there is no automatic or semi-automatic way to do this. If I manually have to select wall by wall I think I will abondom the idea already now. Btw, some printers actually support to print a water solvable support material. A bath and all support is gone! But not my printer. I was also surprised at the very limited support for 3d viewing/editing in HDP using 3d glasses. None, except for model export really. In 2018 I thought this would be a basic feature. Hope to see big inprovements in both these areas!
  2. Bjarredsbon

    3d printer experience?

    Thank you David 3d format is not an issue, there are several to choose from. It is more a question of controlling what is included inside the model(s). - How are glass windows exported, for example. Kind of expected they are exported as "air" so one can see through them after printing. - My project consist of around 10 rooms. It would be very nice if HDP allowed to export one room per file. Then I can print them individually and assemble the the rooms myself. Roof should go in a seperate file too. If someone has more experiences from 3d printing, please contribute! /Peter
  3. Bjarredsbon

    3d printer experience?

    Hello, I am asking for ideas and experiences for successful 3d printing, using Zortrax M200 and Home Designer Pro. Ideally I would like to export multiple 3d models from HDP, one for each room and root section. This way it is possible to "look inside", and it is also possilble to create large enough models. (My printer is otherwise limited to 200mm) Has anyone experience doing something like this? Should I look at 3rd party sw to split the house in multiple sections? Thank you Peter