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  1. Thanks for the reply. I thought that might be the case.
  2. I have created a kicthen design including some custom cabinetry. Is there a way to export CAD type plans to allow a Joiner to estimate cost of construction? I am after high levels of component detail as the dimensions have to be very exact.
  3. Arghhhhh! Brilliant!! Thank you very much.
  4. Jeff_Rapp

    Unattached roof

    Help. I have attached a plan which shows a roof in the lower left floating over nothing. It was a garage but I have deleted everything to do with that building but the roof refuses to leave. I've tried everything I can think of and look at with no luck. Can anyone help? Final.plan
  5. I have added external soffits and one of them has decided to become transparent at both ends. No idea why. Tried recreating, copying others that display correctly, moved in out, up down. Just can't seem to make it display right. Plan attached. New Tumble.plan
  6. Oops, sorry. basically a tunnel parallel to the slope with stairs inside.
  7. I am trying to create a covered set of stairs on a slope. I have seen how to put stairs themselves into a slope and I have tried creating a 3 story room with open below but I can't get that tunnel effect. I am trying to do something like:
  8. Attached is a picture showing a gap in a wall when I have rooms at half height on the wall. It's shown between the lower entrance floor and the floor of the room to the left. How do I fill the gap? I have used Deck as the floor type as I need post & beam floors. I have also attached the plan file. anne1.plan
  9. The only way I can find to do a post and beam floor type (which is common in NZ) is using a deck floor. Worked but as the attached plan shows, the three floors are at different elevations and the walls in the passageway don't fill all the way down to the floor. I am probably missing something simple when using multi floor levels. You guys helped me big time when doing a similar thing but using slab floors. Using deck floors is stumping me. anne1.plan
  10. How can I find out the actual dimensions of the objects in the library? I clearly have a mismatch between my plan dimensioning and the objects, i.e. the objects are too big. The attached plan shows a room that's 4x8 meters to which I've added a grouped living room from the bonus catalogue. One 2 seat sofa and table take up 4meters! Hav ei set the dimensioning wrong in the plan somewhere?
  11. Spectacular help, thanks so much. So I get the lesson right; because I modified/moved/played about with the rooms I ended up with inconsistent floor heights and that affected what happened when I added the garage? And the process re Terrain would be to create the house first (in total) and then add the Terrain so that it auto adjusts to the house?
  12. I thought I had this licked in the last one where I had a building tumbling down a slope in 3 levels. I am trying to add a garage to the outside of this design where the slab floor is 1000mm lower than floor 1. Ceiling heights are the same. It just won't let me set that structure. And when I do get it to accept -1000 to Stem Wall Top even though the ceiling height is wrong the terrain around it stays too high. If I put a Terrain Elevation under the garage it drops floor 1 for some reason. Suggestions, please. High_Gable.plan
  13. Thanks for the support. With the support here I have managed to resolve all the base issues. I now have a plan I call 'Tumble' which has a curved floor plan which 'tumbles' down the slope in three levels. Showed it to my wife last night and interested but not overly enthusiastic. Maybe I need to learn client management first!
  14. I just realized I have given the mock up trying to work it out. Here is the actual tumble plan so that my comments make sense. Sorry about that. This is just the start of the plan to work the concepts. You can see I might have bitten off more than I can chew. The roofs gone strange and I can't work out how to fit it to the terrain but at least I've got it stepping down ok. Tumble.plan