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  1. Thank you for the information, I will check out the suggestions!
  2. Please forgive me if my questions are basic for anyone in the field, but to me it's all a bit overwhelming. Home Owner. We have an old cabin that needs to be completely remodeled, including a few very awkward corners. Here are some pictures of the cabin if this helps. I spoke to a local Interior Designer and really like her, but after meeting a few times, I realized that I may still not end up with the 'product' I was hoping from a designer after paying thousands of $$. I am a very visual person and need to see what the finished product could look like before I can commit. I have seen some design competitions on Arcbazar that I really like and would be open to posting a contest on there OR find a program myself that I can learn in a reasonable amount of time for me to play with. The I could take that back to my Interior Designer and a Contractor and work with them on the actual design and practical implementation. A couple of examples of what I am really drawn to: I asked the Arcbazar people and they said that different designers use different software, hence the varying looks of all submissions. are my questions: - Is this photo realistic view achievable in Home Designer? - if not...any suggestions on what software was used here? Any other suggestions, opinions or helpful comments? I'm really starting from scratch here, and the first contractor we hired ripped us off big time just on foundation repairs, so I want to make sure I am taking the next steps with eyes wide open Thanks, Alexa