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  1. 1. Yes, thank you. The first thing I wrote in my question was information regarding what product I am using. 2. I don't know how to take a screenshot of the dollhouse view so I can put it on here so others can see my problem. I do know how to use the paperclip to attach a file. I am extremely frustrated with the difficulty of this program. It seems that adding a section of wall should be a fairly simple endeavor. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.
  2. I have a partial wall that I just added. I don't know how to copy the texture and paint/color from a neighboring wall. I have looked in the specs at the other walls and I can't figure out what I used before, so I cannot duplicate it. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! Victoria
  3. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2018, and I have a wall next to my stairs. There is a section near the top of the stairs that does not show a wall. The wall next to the stairs shows fine, but I don't know how to add in the little triangle wall at the top. I would be happy to add a picture of a screenshot if someone would tell me how. Thanks for any help you can give I really appreciate it! Victoria
  4. I am using Chief Architect Home Designer Pro 2018. I have a stairway with three steps, a landing, and then the rest of the steps. I want to make the landing into two triangle shaped steps (like they used to do in old houses), but I cannot figure out how to do that. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or information you can give me. Victoria
  5. I am using 2018 Home Designer Pro. The problem is if I click on a wall, it shows the length of the WALL, not the size of the room. I need to know the size of the room, not the length of the wall. the wall includes several inches of other outside wall and does not account for drywall. I also want, when I am finally able to do that, to be able to connect the foundation, 1st and 2nd floors, so that when the outside walls need to move to accommodate the change in room size, they all move together.
  6. I can't seem to make the rooms in my project an actual size. I want a room to be a specific size, e.g. 16'x17', but it is coming in at odd numbers (like 16' 11 7/8"). When I open the wall and change it, nothing moves and the room is the same size. How can I make the room the exact size I want? Also, how can I make the outside dimensions of the house change at the same time? Also, how do I make the foundation of the house and the upstairs also change at the same time? It seems that when I change things, I can't get them to change together. :/ Thank you!!