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    Updated Knowledge Base Articles? The Railing Specification - General screenshot is different (no big deal) The Railing Specification - Rail Style screen doesn't have the "No Rail" option The Railing Specification - Newels/Balusters screen is different When I set the railing height to anything above 9', the posts start getting SHORTER in the preview (no longer reach the beam) I stopped there as I didn't think pushing further into a tutorial that wasn't showing a legitimate structure would magically fix itself
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    Updated Knowledge Base Articles?

    Hi All! New user (Home Designer Pro 2018). I'm trying to plan a basic post frame / pole barn structure. I found an article in the knowledge base on pole barns, but it is for an older version of the software (2015?). The tutorial doesn't match the software, so I'm left guessing about settings. Does this company not update their knowledge base articles to match the current software they sell? Recommendations on the best way to learn it when their documentation doesn't match the software? Thanks!