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    uneven gables

    thank you!!!
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    uneven gables

    This is what the Info in the help/about home designer tab. Home Designer Pro 10 Build Feb 3, 2011 This is for something we want to build. old_farmhouse_final.plan
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    uneven gables

    I am working with Home Designer Pro 10. I have been working on a house plan and have struggled with the roof planes. The house is a basic H shape. In the center section of the house, one side has a porch, making it wider than the other side. I have used a pitch of 3 on the wider side and 4 on the more narrow side. The gable ends are 10 pitch. The front porch is a 3 pitch with a gable section above the porch section. The gable ends (from the legs of the 'H') are not symmetrical. The 'inside' of the gables are higher in elevation than the 'outside'. The center line of these same roof sections does not bisect the house section. These are auto generated. The different colors of the siding help to visualize the alignment problem. House dimensions: 45'x16' 30'x18' 45'x16' The first picture is of the side of the house with the side porch in the center of the pic and the front porch on the left side of the pic. The second pic is from above with the front porch at the bottom of the pic and the side porch at the right of the pic. Help? How do I make the bottom of the roof lines line up and the center line actually be in the center of the building? Thanks, Jill