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  1. sraquet

    Split shed

    OK, David. I understand the concept. Thank you. I will give it a try.
  2. sraquet

    Split shed

    This is the result by starting from scratch with the upper floor a rectangle and using Jo_Ann's instruction.
  3. sraquet

    Split shed

    Should I start with a rectangle and make the roof, then produce the bump outs?
  4. sraquet

    Split shed

    Sorry, you can't see the split level with the image I sent. Punch will not produce more than 3 levels. I've attached the HD image and plan for the upper floor(s). The floor of the living/dining area is 3 feet lower than the entry and bedroom/laundry/bath area.
  5. sraquet

    Split shed

    If the floor plan was a rectangle and not split level this would work.
  6. sraquet

    Split shed

    This is the Punch 3D rendering. You can see the ridge line that separates the two segments.
  7. sraquet

    Split shed

    Here are jpeg images.
  8. sraquet

    Split shed

    I"m using Home Designer Architectural 2018 to update an older plan. I've attached images made with Punch Home and Landscape showing two segments of what I call a split shed. I've spent hours trying to do this with Home Designer to no avail. Thanks for any help. Roof segment sloping NE.pdf Roof segment sloping SE.pdf