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    Are Chief Architect and Home Designer Pro totally differ programs
  2. Hi I opened my plan and for some reason I cannot get a doll house view . The plan itself is oK. I have other plans which I can view in camera settings Any help would be appreciated. image attahced
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    Thank you sooo much!! works perfectly!!
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    I found an image of a tile I want for a wall. . when import the image it shows on my plan but I want to save it to use on a wall I have created. Can this be done?? when in camera view the image does not show
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    Thanks again. I didn't have my textures toggled
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    will check my camera views.. thanks
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    here is an elevation view that shows the tile and the camera view that just shows the color only no tile .. when I place my cursor over the tile and bring to wall the paint sprayer icon tool shows...
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    I have pro 18. I was doing fine until a few days ago. I've been trying to apply tiles to my walls but when I move curser to apply tiles I only get the colour. not the texture I applied tiles to a design last week and it was perfect ,, now only plain color. Did I do something wrong
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    alls is good.. I got it! Thanks. didn't read far enough
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    As a follow up to your reply which I thank you... I am trying to use the wall elevation tool which works in plan view ..but nothing happens.. I have two windows open - plan and 3 d view. am I missing a step thank you
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    I have pro 2018.. I have my office lunch room created and can see in 3D How do I display dimensions of my cabinets and appliances while in 3 d view?? Thanks Levina
  12. thanks but I don't have the paint brush icon .. I have pro 2108.. and the droppers and material painter mode but no paint brush icon I FOUND IT SORRY THANKS
  13. thanks but I don't have the paint brush icon .. I have pro 2108.. and the droppers and material painter mode but no paint brush icon. I have an icon for adjust material definition
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    siding colors

    Hi The color I want for my siding is not in the materials list of options. when I choose the paint color copper my siding material disappears. is there a way to just paint my siding without loosing the texture Thanks
  15. thank you but How do I EXPLODE the block??
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    grouped rooms

    I have CA pro version 2018. How do I change the size of grouped rooms (ie ) bedroom or delete some items to accommodate the plan. thanks Levina
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    gable roof

    I have a 4 th floor on my design but I only need it for the gable roof. Here is a copy of the contrators plans which I am trying to imput into my program.. I have it all except the gable section. I've tried to apply a gable wall and roof but to no success I have read and looked at the visuals tutorials but it is so frustrating. I have been at this for hours. it is so simple I am missing it any help appreciated thanks Levina
  18. when I pressed download option was to open or save so I opened this time and it saved to the library.. will see how the rest of them go thanks for your reply. appreciated!!
  19. ok thanks will do..they downloaded to my PC in my downloads but I can't get them to my program,, I did it before and got them but for some reason now they are not working. Ill try again
  20. I downloaded some catalogues but they are not in my library. they are in my download file on my computer. how do I get to my library
  21. decorators3

    roof eaves

    I am trying to create a roof with returns over a garage door but the roof keeps going on the top floor. the garage is on the first floor, any help would be good thanks ample idea.PROsample idea.PRO