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    Dimension lines

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to make the end to end dimension lines smaller. (length). Sometimes that just perfect but other time when I drag them our of the drawing a get these long lines... As you can see in my attachement the lines are over my drawings making my plans hard to read... Thank you for the help
  2. mxmonica

    How to save elevations

    THANK YOU SOLVER!!! My cameras were hidden but know that I make them visible and double click on them I can see my save view.... You saved me a lot of time today. I will make sure to fill put my signature.. Thanks and have a good day
  3. mxmonica

    How to save elevations

    Hi all, I know how to create elevations and add dimensions but if I quite the program I loose these elevations. I have to start all over again. Is there a way to save them and be able to open them again without loosing them? I'm using home designer architectural 2018. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. BTW. I already tried 3d> save active camera but don't know where it went... Monica
  4. mxmonica

    Adding back a toe kick

    Hi, I'm using home designer architectural 2018. I deleted the toe kick of my cabinet and I need to add it back. Cannot find any option in the open dialog of the cabinet nor any support on this. Can somebody please help me. Thanks