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  1. Monte96

    High Ranch Stairs

    Perfect. It was called "Open Below". Thank you!
  2. Monte96

    Roof Question

    Hi DJP, I tried what you said but as you can see in the pics, it angled the ledge instead of going straight up to the midline. Do you know how to correct this?
  3. Monte96

    High Ranch Stairs

    I need some help with my 2nd floor plan. I have a U-turn staircase and need to "cut" a hole in the floor to get up. Please see pics attached. I have Home Designer 2018.
  4. Monte96

    Roof Question

    I probably should have specified that. Home Designer Suite 2018.
  5. Monte96

    Roof Question

    Can anyone help me with creating an offset roof? The back of the house is flat across, but the front steps up about 1 foot almost halfway across. I can't seem to figure out how to manipulate the roof.