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    NanaWall in Pro 2017

    I first watched this video. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/10156/nana-wall-quick-tip.html then downloaded from https://3dlibrary.chiefarchitect.com/index.php?r=site/detail/991 Uploaded to my library successfully but when I try access while in a plan , right click "open object" on door opening NanoWall was not in the Manufacturer Catalog or User Catalog. I also downloaded the NanaWallsZip at http://www.davidmichaeldesigns.com/free.html , then converted the .alb legacy file, but I could not access this either. Problem solved........ You must access it by clicking on View in the tool bar then by using the Library Browser. Copy and paste from there to your plan. Without defining these to meet the filtering criteria that the libraries apparently use, you must use this work around to copy and paste these items to you plan. Now I have also learned how to delete multiple copies of catalogs ....
  2. 4KServices

    NanaWall in Pro 2017

    I am using Home Designer pro 2018 , I have placed a doorway , resized , but where do you get the NanaWall . "Place the Nanawall symbol inside or outside of the room in the general area wherever there is space for it" I have downloaded it, I can see it when I "Manage Library" but after that I can not locate it.