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    Import dxf contours file

    Currently thinking about buying Home Designer Pro to play around with a few ideas for a house on some land I'm considering purchasing. The local council website has some pretty useful tools including the ability to generate a dxf file containing contour information on land in the area. Can I import this file to create the terrain the house will sit on? The data covers a much larger area than the section itself, I presume this can be trimmed to reflect the actual boundary. Screenshot of the section attached with contour data overlaid. Secondly I have some unconventional ideas to make the most of the sites view and contour. While the attached photo is not what I'll be building its an example of the kind of structure in general terms - is this something the software can cope with, without to much difficulty? What about an internal courtyard, either open to the sky or with a glasshouse style roof? Sorry for all the questions but I don't want to invest a large amount of time if it's a nightmare to turn my ideas into something more solid.