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    Aluminum Soffit in Materials

    Hi, I have completed the design for the client and would like to change the default 3 1/2" wood soffit to standard white aluminum soffit. I can't find any reference to soffit materials anywhere, except in the materials list generated by the program. Nothing in the library. The only other place is if one is designing a coffered ceiling or drop beam. I am working on the exterior soffit, on the perimeter of the house, garage and the ceiling in the breezeway. If possible i would like to add a manufacture's colour variety of this type of soffit to the library. thanks! Brian
  2. Spokeshave

    Grass on the floor?

    I have put together a kitchen plan, I have chosen a flooring, in camera view I have selected the spray can. I cannot get the flooring to replace the grass on the floor! Why Not? I have a peninsula in the kitchen with a dishwasher on the inside, on a 45, I can't get the counter to square off the back of the "L" shape to the wall. I have sprayed the fridge and stove a number of times with white and they are still black, why? Gerry.plan