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  1. Lubomir

    Make a loft

    Thank you, Eric, I didn't think about the version. I shortened the railing to allow for a stair/ladder and then I saw "no floor". I'll check your suggestions tomorrow. Thanks again! Luby
  2. Lubomir

    Make a loft

    Thank you, Eric, I did a "Signature" as you suggested. I have watched almost all videos, checked the Help and this forum. There was no suggestions on how to do this, that's why I posted. I could have missed an answer somewhere.
  3. Lubomir

    Make a loft

    Hello, It is my first design. I made a second floor and "removed" a portion of it to create a loft. Continued to introduce objects. Next day I see that I lost the floor on that "loft". Can I re-introduce it somehow without starting over (which I have done several times already?) I know other portions of the design have much work to be done on them - that's for later. Done in Suite. Thank you in advance! Luby Test_1.plan