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    Accurate Move Walls

    Not yet, I have two small children who prevent me from focusing on projects. I'll have to check help for "temporary dimensions" first and let you know.
  2. vterpe

    Accurate Move Walls

    Thanks for the advice. 1) I will add my software title to my signature - I did say in my post I am using Home Designer Pro 10 because I knew it would be needed. 2) I have already set the snap to dimension to 1 mm, so I assumed I should be able to snap to that smallest dimension but that doesn't seem to be the case. 3) Sorry, I didn't use the built in help because in most programs it is usually not good, but I see in HDP it seems to be useful. My search of Google didn't produce any good results so I came here. I'll do more reading in the built in help. Thanks for the quick reply and pointers.
  3. vterpe

    Accurate Move Walls

    I rarely use Home Designer Pro 10 (this is my second time in 7 years) so I am not going to pay to upgrade to 2017 even though it seems to have been greatly improved. That said, I hope someone can help me. I am using metric units. I have two parallel walls and I want the inside separation to be 127 cm or (because Pro 10 only seems to use mm) 12700 mm, but when I drag one wall it will only jump in 10 or 20 mm units. How can I move it precisely? Thanks