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    Interior Walls show roof & Slab??

    Duh, I get that the program does not literally think. I was implying that the program "thinks" I want a house, when I want to design a single interior room. Switching to a camera when I draw 4 interior walls, and seeing a slab and a roof didn't make sense to me. Nor does your answer. Telling me to "get over it and just use it" is a waste of my and your time. Hence doesnt solve anything.
  2. ewolfy

    Interior Walls show roof & Slab??

    That didn't remove the slab and roof... It just made it solid... What I'm trying to do is design the interior... a bath room by itself. When I just draw interior walls (for the bathroom) the program thinks I want that to be a complete house..
  3. I'm new to the app ... My question is when I open a new plan and simply draw interior wall, then switch to a 3D view that view has a slab and roof.. Is there some way to just show the rendering so that it's not a full house?? Thanks