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  1. Mick, Thanks for showing me that tool. The image is enclosed. The template is the same as before, more exactly the new plan is built on the topography of first, Everything deleted and built again.
  2. Mick, The file/export isn't available when I'm in the floor structure definition window. Yes I'm using pro 2015. The odd thing is in a previous plan the two layer option showed up, but in this new plan I'm only getting one layer.
  3. Eric, In your above attachment I'm only getting layer I, not the two in your pic.
  4. How do you get extra layers for the subfloor defaults (3/4" osb board and 11.25 fir 2x12's)? Only one layer shows up.
  5. It's a great program, but you're right, it's not always intuitive. In tweaking room floor levels it seems that the very item I want to change in the edit area is greyed out (not changeable). So working around it can cause frustration until you figure it out. Thanks for reply.
  6. bob-rpm

    reocurring issues

    Wow, a custom video. Thanks. You solved the dormer over the roof issue, but the second floor roof must stop at the roof or it goes down into stairwell/open area inside. This is the one I tweaked and corrected, but it reappears again. I will try to simplify the polylines. Thanks for your time.
  7. bob-rpm

    reocurring issues

    A second floor corner is missing siding, I can adjust roof polylines and it fills in the siding only to reappear again later. Also there's an issue with the sheathing appearing over garage at dormer. There isn't even a roof line there. Why does it appear and how can I get rid of it? Using HD pro 2015. house e-1.plan
  8. What is the rational for using either floor supplied by foundation or floor under this room? Also can you have two differnt floor levels applied to floor 1 by floor supplied by foundation? How would you set that up, say in a senerio where a 6" concrete garage is 4" lower than a 4" concrete first floor? (using HD pro 2015)
  9. I have HD pro 2015. How do you prevent the dormer tool from cutting a hole in the roof at the point of placement?
  10. How would you build a dormer (over a garage) that's just for looks. I want to build on top of roof framing/sheathing.
  11. Solved by the Solver. I never could have figured that on my own. Thanks,
  12. Here is a zipped file of the plan. Look in foyer to see the issue with removing the wall. house
  13. I'm trying to remove exterior wall in entryway to fit cathedral ceiling, but every method I've tried leaves the gap in the drywall as shown. I've tried adjusting polylines, puting in doorway opening to size, etc. Also I tried uploading the plan file but get an error 305. Using HD pro 2015.
  14. David, the video tutorial was most helpful and I think will address my issue. I'll try it later. A question about the polyline movemnt. I noticed you moved segments randomly between the fasia lines. How does that effect the framing and other issues? Does software automatically make the adjustments to perfectly match the intersection of wall and ceiling or wall and roof in your example?