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  1. jmistler

    Grass Extending Over Basement Wells

    That's it! Thanks a million!
  2. jmistler

    Excavating Sloped Terrain for Driveway to Garage

    Thank you for the file. I am working with it now. Looks promising so far. If anyone else wants to chime in, I am all ears! Attached a screen shot of my current version and title of software. Thanks! Home Designer Pro 2018 (latest version)
  3. The terrain for this house slopes gradually up from the street to the garage. The garage floor and garage door sit 2' below grade. I need to excavate a gentler slope for the driveway up to the garage, and perhaps add retaining walls along the sides of the driveway. The driveway needs to seamlessly but up against the floor of the garage and bottom of garage door. I have tried adding retaining walls, but they don't work right (see photos). Adding a driveway over the sloped terrain looks horrible and doesn't meet the garage floor and bottom of garage door at the 2' below grade level. How can I achieve this? Thanks!
  4. jmistler

    Grass Extending Over Basement Wells

    I have a basement with a 9' high light well reaching up to the back yard. The 3D camera view from the basement looking up through the light well shows daylight exactly as intended; however, the 3D view from the back yard looking down into the light well shows grass extending through the foundation into the light well. How do I get the grass to stop at the foundation? See screenshots. Thanks!