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  1. miscreant

    DXF to .plan

    I wound up importing the PDF and tracing over it. Very labor intensive but it's done! Learned a lot in the process and have many more questions about how to wrangle HD now...
  2. miscreant

    DXF to .plan

    I was able to do everything I tried--resize walls, change text, draw new walls, etc. Seems like there are no obvious restrictions on the file you sent. I forgot to mention in previous posts that I have HD Suite 2018. I gather from the responses here that the preferred method is just to import a different file type and trace over the lines. I do have PDFs of the plans. I realize that DXF files don't have 3D data and there would be a good deal of tracing anyway, but I figured with an import the dimensioning would be precise and leave less room for human error (something of which I have more than my share). If DXF has no real benefit then I don't see why it would be a "premium" feature.
  3. miscreant

    DXF to .plan

    Yup, that file opens fine. It does give me a dialog saying it's been created in Pro, and that the creator may restrict the ability to perform some revisions.
  4. miscreant

    DXF to .plan

    I recently had as-built plans drawn up for the house I bought last year, and the draftsman provided me with DXF files for import into the software of my choice. I checked out a trial of HD Pro and the DXF import seemed to work just fine. However, I then purchased HD Suite not realizing that DXF import isn't supported on Suite. I really can't justify spending $495 just to get one DXF imported, as once this is done I don't ever expect to do it again. Is there some way to create a .plan file from a DXF without Pro? Perhaps a standalone application of some sort? Is this something a forum member with Pro could do on my behalf or is it a faux pas to ask? Apologies if this is something that has been discussed before but a cursory forum search didn't turn up much by way of solutions and I'm brand new to HD. Thanks in advance.