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  1. I want to display objects connected to each other in 3D but not use color or materials. Rather, I'd like to simply see the lines visible separating the objects. In this case, a custom patio bluestone layout. Having objects of the same color look melded is silly. I'm not sure why this is the default case. Using Homer Designer Architectural 2018 Help!! Thanks, Adam MalofskyPatioV1.plan
  2. Objects created are not on the same grid....insane... I've created to "boxes" as rectangles in 2D. They cannot be aligned, their is no align tool (pretty stupid) and they are seemingly on two utterly different grids. I have literally no idea what to do. I can align objects by simply sleeting them in juvenile software but Chief Architect and most CAD seems to have not a clue... Anyone know what's wrong and how to fix it please?