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  1. AricaHD

    terrain perimeter created with survey plat

    Unfortunately, the only plat map I have is not to scale and very old.
  2. AricaHD

    terrain perimeter created with survey plat

    Thank you @Solver. I am using Home Designer Suite 2018. I edited my signature like you suggested!
  3. I have a survey plat that I am using to create my terrain perimeter. The problem I am having is with the curved parts of my property. I have a cul-de-sac and a long slightlu curved length of land that borders the road. The survey gives me the following details for these lines: Cul-de-sac 180.8 ft. Other line: Delta 91 degrees 30' T=315 ft. length of line 694 ft. How do I take these details and create the arc. Ie: Arc, Start point, end point and chord?