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  1. I'm designing a Sunroom, which has a variety of rectilinear windows and sliders that consumes all four walls. I've programmed one wall as a gable wall so I can add an arched window above the rectilinear windows (South wall). One problem I'm running into with is when I view the Sunroom in plan view I see both the rectilinear windows and the arched windows, which looks really messy. Technically, I shouldn't see the arched window because it's above 4'-0", which is the "cut line" for a floor plan. Does anyone know if it's possible to hide the arched window in plan view? With that in mind, does anyone know how to hide the roof outline as well? I only want to view the floor plan. I've attached a picture for your reference. You can clearly see the roof line, as well as the messy view of the arched windows overtop the rectilinear windows (South end of the Sunroom). Thanks guys. Chelsea P.S. This is my first project working in Home Design Architectural.