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    Garage addition help

    Thank you for the quick reply. I had remembered, too late, about adding the software info but it's included now. Home Designer Suite 2012. Prior to posting I did search the forums/knowledge base and the tutorial videos (on this site, not YouTube), but did not find information on my request. Perhaps I searched the incorrect key words. I've used this software only in new construction applications and was asking prior to starting the new plan in hopes of minimizing rework. If there are no immediate suggestions I can update this post once i have created the layout.
  2. sataar24

    Garage addition help

    I plan on drawing up and addition to an existing garage. The addition is basically a 8'x20' extension off the back of the garage. One 20' wall and one 8' wall are existing structure (house which is 2 story and garage respectively) and the other 20' and 8' walls will be new construction. The addition roof line (more than likely 6 pitch) needs to be different than the existing garage roof. How do I create the plan so: I can create the new addition roof that will tie into the side of the 2 story house wall but be independent of the existing garage roof the existing 2 walls (house and garage) do not get factored into the material list Thanks in advance. S Remembered a few minutes too late: Home Designer Suite 2012