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  1. HD Bonus Catalog for Metal in the Home Designer 2021 version; not the Core Catalog. I also noticed that the Wayfair tab is one of many missing from the Manufactures Catalog. What gives? Perhaps not everything downloaded from CA when I upgraded. I do have the backup for the upgrade; maybe I should reinstall(???). Eagerly await your input. BTW - remind me on how to edit signature please.
  2. Does anyone know why the Bonus Catalog for Metal was not included in the Home Designer 2021 version? Home Designer user: Dee Price
  3. I shall expand it tomorrow as it is almost midnight here. But I will bet that solves the problem.
  4. Sorry I was not very clear. After downloading HD Pro 2020, I also obtained the additional content (HD Bonus Catalogs and Manufacturer Catalogs). Then I selected the Library tab and selected Import. Once the Import was completed, I went through both Catalogs and noticed that mill work, appliances, and furniture were being displayed in Black and White. And I know that they should be displaying in color. As stated earlier, I deleted everything and started fresh, with the same results. This has nothing to do with changing the material; which I do normally once it is placed in my plan. It has to do with the why ii is showing up in the Library Browser as Black and White.
  5. I am used to HD Designer Suite 2018 objects being shown in color. I have downloaded, and deleted, and re-down loaded HD Pro 2020 (after deleting files from download locations) to no avail for getting .skp and manufacture files to render in color. Wayfair is the biggest issue, but all appliances and millwork also show in the drop down list in black and white. So far there has been no issue with manufacture files that uses .png and .jpeg for the materials. The only time I can see the objects texture/material color is during the camera view of the object. Is this an issue with Pro 2020 or normal behavior with the program?
  6. Thanks Keith, that took care of the problem. I must have been really tired last night -- totally missed it the first time I went into Edit Preferences.
  7. It has been 12 yrs since I last used Pro; and I can not remember how to remove the cross hair bar. HELP - it is irritating.
  8. Jo_Ann thought you would appreciate seeing how your recommendation worked. It blends it with crown molding, hides the problem, and allowed deletion of the base board for the second floor. Again thank you.
  9. Jo_Ann thank you. it seems to be the best solution. You must have gone through the same issue to know what to do.
  10. Clarification to original post (for Eric). Expanded view to reveal more stairwell as seen from 2nd floor. The wall material (the brick wall paper) extends above the 1st floor crown molding. Seeking recommendation on how to hide it; most likely a filler would have to be inserted. I was hoping that the 2nd floor baseboard could be lowered to meet top of 1st floor's crown molding. I tried to attach a sanitized version of the file, but it exceeds allowed file size.
  11. I have the stairwell landing with crown molding - but there is excess material between floors that I want to hide. See picture attached. Any suggestions? Dee Price HD Suite 2018 May 2017
  12. Thanks JoAnn, I was hoping you would be the one to reply; I had read a prior response of yours that I was trying to duplicate in my design, but I ended up with a ski slope going into the garage. Should of put snow on it. LOL.
  13. The current terrain pad is set to 48". I want to keep the front and sides at 48" but I also want to add a garage door at the rear of the building (underground parking). My problem is that I do not know how to get the rear of the home lower than 48" and still retain the 48" for the remainder of the home on a level platform. Can anyone advise me as to what the true number is going to be between the rear of the house and the fence (without a trench look to it)? and do I need to intersect that line through the building itself to create a sloped driveway? Deirdre P. Home Designer Suite 2018