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  1. I have Home Designer Architectural and I am trying to draw a patio out for my backyard. Part of the patio is curved and will have a fire pit in the middle of it. I am using a curved railing object but I cannot get the arc to be tight enough given the space. What is the recommended method of accomplishing this? I want an curve more like the top of the pink circle in attached picture. There is probably an easy solution to this but I am just not seeing it. Thanks!
  2. matt36

    Patio - curved angle not tight enough

    Re: #2 I am using a railing as I need sitting walls on the patio. Specifically around the fire pit. Additionally, that is what was suggested in this knowledge base article that I was following. . If there is a better was to model this please let me know. Thanks! -Matt
  3. matt36

    Patio - curved angle not tight enough

    David, That helped tremendously turning off the "angle snaps". I think I should be able to make it happen now. Thank you for the help! -Matt