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    2D rendered plan

    Hi David, and thank you very much for replying. I was indeed trying to understand if this is something that Home Design can do as well or not. I will keep on using it for its 3D views then. Thanks for clarifying and have a good day! Sylvia
  2. Sylvia

    2D rendered plan

    Hi everyone! A question on rendering...I would need to have my 2D plan rendered, i.e. with floor finishes and furniture textures & patterns (like the joint picture). I know I can get a similar result by using a Doll House view and positioning the camera exactly over the 3D model, but some depth remains visible in this way so it's not a sufficient substitute for my case. I'm working on Home Design Software (Suite Version) Anyone having the same issue? Any suggestions? Thanks so much and have a great day! Sylvia