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  1. Ah, got it. Thanks, that fixed the issue. I can't believe I overlooked the front wall. I was only looking at the side walls. And yes, thank you, I added that bit to my signature now.
  2. Hello all, I'm using Home Designer Suite 2018. As you can see in the attached photos, I have this secondary porch roof that also extends over a room in the house that juts out beside the porch. Right now both my main roof and this secondary roof are 5 in 12 pitch, which is fine for the main roof, but I need this secondary one to be more like 3 in 12 so that it will stop clipping my windows on top as you can see in the pictures. I can also attach my floorplan file too if that helps (not just screenshots, but the actual floorplan file itself). But if go to the 2nd level and click on the side walls and change the roof pitch from 5" to 3" - nothing happens. It doesn't actually change. So I'm thinking there is some small detail I need to change in the plan file so that it will accept the changes appropriately, maybe? Thank you.