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    Trouble downloading core catalog

    I just solved it. Luckily I saved my old hard drive when I replaced it with a SSD. I was able to restore them from there. It's not really fair that they made those inaccessible on their servers recently. People pay for the software and should be able to have access to it indefinitely. If they're going to make them inaccessible, let customers know so that they can download them before they do that.
  2. MattChief

    Trouble downloading core catalog

    I already did and they said to contact Tech Support for $125 and that I might be wasting my money since my version was written for windows 8. I was hoping to find somewhere else to access them. Maybe there's somewhere on their servers that would still have the older versions.
  3. MattChief

    Trouble downloading core catalog

    I'm having the same issue. Does someone know how to access older versions of the core catalogs?