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  1. Thomas

    Custom Roof?

    This is very good, Jo Ann! Like you said 'Dimensions, room type, floor and ceiling heights, roof setting etc..' all take into factor for creating the roof like you've done. Is there anyway you could post the specifications of those items and post those as well? Or, if you could possibly upload the .plan that you created. If not, no worries. Here's the exact dimensions of my plan, If that helps. Thank you!
  2. Thomas

    Custom Roof?

    As your forum account states, you're a Chief Architect Teacher & you've created a guide called 'Basic Manual Roof Editing', therefor you should know how to accomplish what I'm looking to do. Unfortunately, your post above didn't help me the slightest, but since you've said that all versions usually allow you to have the same result- I ask you, how can I create these roofs?
  3. Thomas

    Custom Roof?

    I'm trying to create a roof the replicates the one I've created in Google SketchUp, but I'm not succeeding too well. Here is my progress so far, (click image to enlarge) Here is the roof I created previously, that I am now trying to create, I created it pretty well last night, using the Pro version demo. I purchased Suit so I could save what I had created, only to findout you cannot save via the demo since it's Pro. Therefore, I started to create the house once again this morning on Suit, finding out that the controls are very limited compaird to Pro. Now I'm seeing that you cannot create a custom roof on Suit as well, pretty frustrating.. Any help would be great, thank you! Best reguards,