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    i was going to try that, but could not find anywhere in the menu's where I could add my own posts. Columns, yes, but no posts... Making my own posts would be fine, as my posts for my upper deck aren't where a plan model would "automatically" put them. Is the "architecture" version better at decks? Or just a flaw of CA in general?
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    And, thanks for the pointer on the signature. I just did that now.
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    You are correct. I used CA many, many years ago, and just bought the new version last night. I am using the 2018 Home Suite, and trying to get a feel for it by recreating my existing home as-is. I will go in and create a terrain model now, based upon your comments, and the fact that I just finished watching the video on walk-out basements, which I have.
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    When I create a rail-less deck on the ground floor, and a railed deck above that on the 2nd floor, the posts for the second floor deck will not show. If I delete the ground floor deck, the posts show. How can I get them to stay showing (pass through the ground floor deck to support footings) with the ground floor deck in place? Any thoughts?