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    Atrium Windows

    So, something like this, then--kind of sloppy since I didn't bother to precisely align things. A 0-height room with no roof that matches the size of the "windows," and then a doorway as the opening, and you get an atrium nook. How hard would it have been for them to add a paragraph to the help file on this? It's totally non-obvious what you're supposed to do. Thanks again. AtriumExample.plan
  2. TulsaBill

    Atrium Windows

    Thanks so much. That helps. I've added my product to my signature as you suggested, but I think I did identify which product I'm using (Home Designer Architectural 2018) in my post. Thank you again.
  3. TulsaBill

    Atrium Windows

    The core library for Home Designer Architectural 2018 includes "atrium windows," but there are no instructions on how to use this feature. I tried using them like a conventional window (click on the wall where you want the window), but that doesn't work at all. So...how is one supposed to use this feature???