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  1. wfd2014

    3D view disappears

    Thanks, I'll try it.
  2. wfd2014

    3D view disappears

    Device manager shows two display adapters: Intel® Graphics Family and Nvidia NVS 4200M. HDA is using the Intel which appears to be older and not updated. I would like to use the Nvidia. I think the Intel was installed when I tried to update my driver from the Lenovo site or form Nvidia site.. not sure which. I tried to remove the Intel...Did not work so well. bsod! Restarted in safe mode and re-installed it. Any ideas? Thank again.
  3. wfd2014

    3D view disappears

    I believe that it is driver related but I have updated the driver from the video mfg site and also from the laptop mfg site but it did not correct the problem. I was however able to work around it by adjusting the render options as suggested in KB-00897. It work for now...if not perfect it is usable. Thank you for your help.
  4. wfd2014

    3D view disappears

    I upgraded from HD suite 2012 to HD 2015 Architect today (Win 7 Pro). When I use any camera view a new window opens and it is all 3D rendering visible. If I left click on the window the image appears but as soon as I touch or move the mouse the image disappears. I updated my video driver difference. What am I missing?