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  1. I downloaded grouped furniture into my bonus catalog and when place it I would like to ungroup the furniture. Can anyone tell me how I can do this?
  2. Ok my next questions is now how do I add two skylights to that roof?
  3. ok! Thats helpful! So did you manually draw the roof planes then add the dormer over the window?
  4. and once i shorted the roof plane to not show the roof line through the hall ceiling, this happens..... I know there has to be a correct way to do this but I'm struggling to fix it. thanks for your help
  5. Yes I am mainly concerned with the interior of this room. I am wanting to draw this room an apply beams for a concept design for a client. I want to learn to do it correctly. The way it is now the roof line is protruding through the ceiling in the hallway next to it and there is only a roof over that one room. When I try and shorten the roof it leaves a gap and I'm not sure how to fix that.
  6. I already have it defined as a room. If I don't have a roof drawn, I can draw a roof over that room but then it messes up because I'm putting the roof on an exterior wall and and interior wall. I guess I need to figure out how to draw a gable roof over one room but have another roof over the whole home. I don't know what the whole homes roof lines look like, just that one room. Should I have a roof generated over the whole house then some how create a cathedral in a gable style over that one room? That's what I'm having trouble doing.
  7. Nothing changed on the roof line when I did that.
  8. Here's my problem, I need the one room only to have a gable roof. I created a roof over the house and it doesn't put a gable roof (cathedral ceiling) only over that one room, but the whole house.
  9. I am trying to build a gable roof over one room of my homes design. I have an open living room without a ceiling and then an attached kitchen with the ceiling on it. I don't know how to build a gable roof over a room with one exterior wall and one interior wall. I attached a picture and I need the room that is showing without a ceiling to be a gable ceiling roof and the others with ceilings. I've searched how to's and and I'm not finding what I need. I'm a new user, please help.
  10. I have added the window and I opened the window and added a treatment from the library. Under window treatment in the library there is a pulled drape options which attaches to the window. But it will only pull to one side, I want to switch the sides. Are you saying I can manually attach a drape? Where is this option? I am struggling to find this in the tutorials. Thanks,