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  1. LisaJWood

    Polyline Roof line - Vert G

    Thank you Eric, I hope I got it right this time. Have a great evening.
  2. LisaJWood

    Polyline Roof line - Vert G

    Thank you Eric, That did it. In response to your first reply, I do have Home Designer Pro 2019 in my signature and the View Signatures is on. I wonder why it's not showing up.
  3. LisaJWood

    Polyline Roof line - Vert G

    Good afternoon, I have HD Pro 2019. The home I'm working on has 2 shed roofs that angle toward one another in the center of the home. It's 2 stories on one side, open to below on the other (where the living, dining and sunroom are). This has been a unique challenge for me honestly. It's not perfect and walls aren't doing what I need them to do, but I'm close for what I need to show to my client. I am now laying out furniture for the client. On floor plan 2, I have "vert G 6 in 12" showing up all over and cannot turn the callouts off. I unchecked every label possible. Do I simply need to redraw the roofs to make those labels go away? I've attached both floor plans (1 & 2) and an orthographic to see if this might help someone answer my issue. Don't mind the wall sticking out of the roof. She'll never see it. ;-) And the upper shed roof has a wall that requires clerestory windows and a chimney that for some reason, I can't get to come out of the roof. She won't see that either. Thank you for any and all wisdom, Lisa