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  1. Thank you Eric, the default tip worked. :-) I'm still not seeing a finished ceiling in the bedroom (Floor 1 - Bedroom 2). Unfortunately, I cannot upload the plan file due to size. It's over the max. When I went to the Room Specification, it shows a ceiling finish listed now, but the camera view shows the ceiling structure. I'm not sure what I'm missing. And you can also see that that the molding goes to approximately one foot below the raw ceiling. Here's another photo of the raw ceiling.
  2. Hi all, Home Designer Pro 2019 I have created a two story plan. The first floor needs to have 9'H finished ceilings. The second floor has 9'H ceilings in the master and vaulted in the main living/kitchen area. A deck comes off of the living room (2nd story). The first floor is having challenges. When I try to change the ceiling height in each room, some of the alerts are get are: 1. Ceiling values may not be changed as the floor above this room has varying heights. 2. In the bedroom to the left, the "ceiling structure is fir framing". I can't seem to change it to be "ceiling finish Default: Color". Thank you for your wisdom. Lisa
  3. Don, beautiful rendering! I'm so impressed with your skills. I haven't yet figured out how to master shapes. Impressive!
  4. Thank you Eric, I hope I got it right this time. Have a great evening.
  5. Thank you Eric, That did it. In response to your first reply, I do have Home Designer Pro 2019 in my signature and the View Signatures is on. I wonder why it's not showing up.
  6. Good afternoon, I have HD Pro 2019. The home I'm working on has 2 shed roofs that angle toward one another in the center of the home. It's 2 stories on one side, open to below on the other (where the living, dining and sunroom are). This has been a unique challenge for me honestly. It's not perfect and walls aren't doing what I need them to do, but I'm close for what I need to show to my client. I am now laying out furniture for the client. On floor plan 2, I have "vert G 6 in 12" showing up all over and cannot turn the callouts off. I unchecked every label possible. Do I simply need to redraw the roofs to make those labels go away? I've attached both floor plans (1 & 2) and an orthographic to see if this might help someone answer my issue. Don't mind the wall sticking out of the roof. She'll never see it. ;-) And the upper shed roof has a wall that requires clerestory windows and a chimney that for some reason, I can't get to come out of the roof. She won't see that either. Thank you for any and all wisdom, Lisa