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  1. I submitted a ticket but was wondering if someone here could help me out before then.
  2. My computer crashed yesterday and I am trying to reinstall Home Desing Pro 2017 on the same computer. I had to completely restore the computer to factory settings, so the software is reading it as an entirely different computer for some reason. When I enter the product key it says that the software is already installed on another device. However, it is actually the same computer. I have followed the directions it gives for disabling the previous license. Yet, when I get to the location on the website that it says this information should be, there is nothing there. In fact, it says that I have no licenses. Can anyone help? Running Windows 10
  3. Ok, thank you for your help. I guess i will have to stick with placing the panels manually.
  4. I have been wondering how to turn the cabinets in the view... like you can in the library. So thanks for that. I have never even seen those buttons up there. Anyway I did that and tried to click on that and nothing happened. I can't edit it there. I don't know why... Yes, that is the flush panel. It is attached to the side of the cabinet but i don't know how to get it there. The cabinets came in bonus downloads from the website. It was in the grouped islands set.
  5. the component is listed toward the bottom of the list. it says flush panel. Yes, I can add the door as you have done, but I am wondering how they accomplised it so that it is attached to the cabinet itself rather than simply sitting next to it.
  6. When i click on it there is nothing grouped to the cabinet. When I move the cabinet there is nothing left behind. Meaning they did not join two cabinets together or add another cabinet to the side. When I click on components of the cabinet there is a flush panel listed. Im not sure what that means. I have tried searching the forum and the help guide and the website and I came up empty handed. This is why I asked here.
  7. I tried placing plain cabinet doors into the plan... and it works... but it appears that they have it built on some how?
  8. I am trying to change the flush panel on the side of the stock kitchen island that I have used in my plan. I would like to also add the same "new" panel to the ends of the existing cabinets in my plan. How do I do this? I want the panel to match the upper cabinets. I used the beaded beadboard door. Home Design Pro 2017
  9. Sorry, had a busy weekend. I did start over like you said so there isn't any other extras in the file. Thank you for your help. garage 2.plan
  10. I am having massive amounts of issues with this design. I really like it and don't want to sacrafice the extra room that it provides. I know you said you couldn't share the file, but is there a way that you can tell me how you accomplished the dormer? I can't even get it to draw at all now. I have fixed all the other issues.. I am wanting to say when i originally made the desing i manually drew the dormer roof. Can you tell me how you accomplished this?
  11. Did you happen to save this, and interested in sharing it? To be completely honest I have no clue what the frost depth is, and have heard a variety of answers from various sources. 24 was the highest and seemed better sage than sorry. Thank you so much for your help. I was wondering how to get the dormer wall to be I guess that is called floating. I really didn't like the half wall sticking out.
  12. You know I like that, but I am a very symetrical person and that would drive me crazy having that off centered like that. I doubt it can be extended from side to side to make it centered. The stairs would be in the way would it?
  13. How did you get the carport area under the balcony to have a slab foundation? when i set mine as slab it still gave it footings? I wonder would it be necessary to have footings. I will on occasion have a car parked inside it?
  14. you moved the dormer? I am doing as you suggested and I have the foundation the way that i want it! I opened a new plan and set all of the defaults before I ever drew any walls. Now on to the roof. I found an article on how to draw the dormer but it will cut out some of the floor space in the upstairs. I havent started the process to install it yet but moving to that now. This is the instructions that i followed first when initially drawing the plans.
  15. Thank you! For taking the time to help figure out the issue. That is what I figured but have not been able to find the issue. My plan is to use this software for my documents. We don't have a building code here or an inspector but I do plan to take it to an engeneer to ensure that the design is safe to build. It is signifigantly cheaper to do the leg work on my own then have them examine the plans that I have drawn up and tell me if there needs to be any corrections. The reason for changing the defaults is because I am using rough cut lumber straight from the saw mill near me. It is half the price for the lumber that I need instead of getting the lumber from lowes which is where they send it after they are done with it. Are you looking at the updated file? After I posted the question I continued to work on a lot of the issues that I already knew about. One was the stairs. So that has been fixed. The only issue that I know that remains is the framing which I am having issues with. The back wall wants to use 20' 2x4's near the stairs rather than building two levels and using 9' 2x4's. The foundation I have been struggling with through the whole design and have started over several times because of that. I am doing a mono slab with 24 inch depth and footings under each wall which will be poured before the slab. But for some reason it won't work the way I want it too.. That was a question for another day. I never even noticed that, thank you!