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  1. ValinHawK

    How To Stop Dynamic Dimensioning Overload?

    Thanks Eric and David. I'm not sure when I at least thought I'd deleted "Automatic Dimensions" objects yesterday why it didn't seem to take. On a fresh boot of my computer today I deleted them again and the problem went away. I guess in my experimenting and learning I must have commanded auto interior dimensions and then just hid them in the layers control. Now I understand that when one goes to move a wall that, even with the auto interior dimensions hidden, they appear during the move of an object. And, as David pointed out, the auto dimensioning feature is too much... Thanks again for the help! Valin
  2. ValinHawK

    How To Stop Dynamic Dimensioning Overload?

    Okay, thanks. Here it is, a work I progress... For example, I want to move that little wall just outside the master bedroom. When I select the wall so many dimensions appear I can't see the surrounding things to relocate it. HDP didn't behave like this before today so wondering what happened... THORN_Sedona_House_Design_A14N.plan
  3. ValinHawK

    How To Stop Dynamic Dimensioning Overload?

    That didn't work... These dimensions only come up when I select the wall I want to move -- I thought they were called "dynamic dimensions" rather than "automatic dimensions". Sorry if I didn't make that clear. These are not auto dimensions, they appear when I select a wall to move it. Then I can't see the details I need to see to move/relocate the wall...
  4. ValinHawK

    How To Stop Dynamic Dimensioning Overload?

    Thanks Eric, in HDP2016, when I go to Edit>Delete Objects, the window that comes up doesn't have anything labeled "Interior Dimensions"... I found videos saying this same thing but figured they applied to an earlier version than what I have when I saw my HDP2016 Delete Objects window.
  5. ValinHawK

    How To Extend Floor Planes Beyond Exterior Walls

    Thanks LawB10 and Eric. On the tower design elements, I'm most interested in them showing up in the 3D views and not so concerned with them showing up in the framing details.
  6. Hey gang, my HDP2016 started adding too many dynamic dimensions when I go to move a simple wall -- so many I can't see important elements anymore while making a move. See screen shot. I've looked all over the knowledge/training resources and can't find anything on how to control this. Can anyone help with this --- how do I control this feature? Thanks! Valin
  7. ValinHawK

    How To Extend Floor Planes Beyond Exterior Walls

    Thank you Solver -- that makes sense! Appreciate your quick reply. I should say all the videos and other training resources are fantastic and I use them regularly. Yes, HDP2016 is not really modern home design friendly, yet. Lots of things to like about the application, though. Everyone that's helped create, maintain, and improve it over the years should be very proud. Quite an accomplishment. Any suggestions on how to create the tower design element at the entrance...? Thanks again! Valin
  8. Hello, I'm new to Home Designer Pro (HDP) and this is my first posting. I'm working on a home design for myself (owner/builder) and am using SketchUp for some of the work and using Home Designer Pro as well. I find the need to use SketchUp because I have direct, easy control over what I'm trying to create where I spend much of my time with Home Designer Pro trying to figure out how to get it to do what I need -- but, then once incorporated I have all the nice features HDP provides. My home design is toward modern and has overhanging roof and floor planes. The main level is supported by a basement with walls three feet inside of the main level's walls. See the sketch of the design concept below, with no windows added yet. I would appreciate advice on how best to create the extended floor planes. It would be best if they show up as part of the floor joist/truss system since that's how it will be built and so that HDP can provide material estimates that includes these floor joist extensions beyond the exterior walls. Suggestions...? Thank you in advance for your help! Valin