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  1. I added it. Home Designer Suite 2018. But Im not seeing it :/
  2. That was really helpful, thank you. Now if only i could get things to stay symmetrical instead of whatever the program decides things should be... IT keeps auto changing things so the walls arent the same length on both sides.
  3. Im sure the tutuorial for this is stuffed away somewhere, but the sheer amount of tutorials out there is staggering. So, in the meantime while digging through them all I thought id post this here and maybe get a quicker link or answer while i search. I am tinkering with building an odd little house, with a trapezoid shaped entry hall and cant figure out how to get my stairs to connect with the upper level at an angle. I have a attached a screen shot to show what I am trying to do. Also if anyone knows how to get my upper and lower walls to align thatd be great too. Theyre off by like 2" and its driving me bonkers. BTW if you can tell I'm brand new to this.