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    Pony wall doesn't display in 3D model

    KBird- Thanks for the advice, it was a problem with my default settings and I figured it out. I will ask about the upgrade to HD Pro2015, haven't seen it on the website. David Potter- The master, I've watched 10-15 of your videos, much appreciated! My wife recognizes your voice (on YouTube that is!). I'd love to have you review my plans but feel I have to put some more hours in before I share my efforts. Using HD Pro, sometimes I feel like a Cessna pilot in the cockpit of a 747. I can make it go and stop, but I'm not really flying just yet. Thanks for your help Tom Quas
  2. TomQuas

    Pony wall doesn't display in 3D model

    Hello- I'm a new member on the forum here and a fairly newbie with the software. I am trying to convert the first floor walls in my house plans to pony walls with Cedar Shingle for the upper wall and Lap Siding for the lower wall with a Water Table in between. I can do this in a simple model of a single porch column (see attached JPEG). But on my 3D house plans model, the 3D view doesn't show the lap siding. I've tried turning on all of the Display settings to no avail. Does anyone know what gives here? Thanks for your help! TomQuas Home Designer Pro 2014