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  1. I watched the one layout video I found and followed the steps. I got a layout file created and sent the floor plan to it. All it did was reproduce the floor plan in the layout - no construction docs. To specify what I'm after, I want drawings that show all framing and roof structure, with complete dimensions, to hand to the builder so he can see how to build it. I'm sorry to sound so dense, but I find figuring out how to use HD to be a challenge. That is most likely because I'm not a builder, designer, architect, etc. and none of the terminology is familiar.
  2. Suuuuuh-weet! Halleluja! Thank you, Eric! I was completely unaware of the Tab key trick. After tabbing to the Rooms layer, I had to use the Open Object button to get to the Room Specs. Couldn"t get there by clicking on the drawing. I successfully set the ceiling to 122". Here's how it looks now:
  3. I rented HD Pro so I could print construction drawings for framers. I can't figure out how to do that. Is it possible? Thanks!
  4. I had tried that, but didn't understand how it worked and did it wrong. Thank you! I re-created it by beginning with a flat slab (there isn't really an official "foundation") and building individual walls. I've included a PDF of how it looks, so far. The problem now is it isn't being treated as a room. There is no Room Specification dialogue associated with the drawing. I can't find how to set the length of the studs for framing, or even see what they are currently..... Pony Wall 12x16 Shed.pdf
  5. I own HD Architectural 2020 and just rented HD Pro 2020 hoping it would get me what I need. So far, no luck. I'm trying to draw a simple 12'x16' storage shed with a slab floor and 24" stem walls on only 2 sides (the ground has a slight slope and required retention on 2 sides). The slab is 4" thick and floor to stem wall top is 20". The idea is to frame atop the stem walls with 8' studs and frame the other two walls with studs 116", so all walls will be same height. I've been working for 3 hours and striking out. The closest I've gotten is to create stem wall all aro
  6. Yes, I can do that. I found a reasonable alternative. I exported the image as a .jpg and attached to email, so it served the same purpose. Thank you for your reply!
  7. I'm trying to print a PDF picture if a simple storage shed I designed and the image appears at the top of the 8.5x11 page, rather than appearing centered on the page. I haven't found any settings that will center the image on the page. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. OK. I think I answered my own question. I went ahead and removed the entire second floor, then the "soffit" went away. I think it was just something the software applied to the deck frame, maybe something to do with the invisible wall that divides the second floor into to spaces. I've now re-created the second floor and it looks the same as before. I'm sure I had already deleted the soffit prior to the first time I created the second floor. Thanks, Eric. I'll work harder at figuring out things on my own.
  9. Oh, geez! I gotta get better at trying things. I didn't think to click on the Select Objects button while in camera view. So, I did that and could select the second floor rooms, each, as a whole, but not the soffit. Now I'm wondering whether what I'm seeing is the soffit. Does this look like soffit framing in front of the deck in this uploaded image? The software will not allow me to select the light-colored surface in front of the deck frame....
  10. With much help from other forum participants, I've created a drawing of a detached garage with a storage loft spanning the back of the space. As part of this process, I created a soffit spanning the entire width of the garage, about 8-feet above the floor and 8-feet from the back wall to represent a beam supporting the loft. After that, I added a second floor and set the room type as a Deck to represent the framed loft. After adding the second floor, the soffit disappeared from the drawing, but still shows in Camera view. I can't figure out how to delete the soffit when it doesn't appear i
  11. WooooHoooooo! That did it. Thanks, Eric! It even displays the loft in the Framing View (camera). What a relief! Thanks very much!
  12. Thanks for your reply, David! I took a quick stab at it this morning. It worked better when I allowed the software to create the second floor based on the first floor. I first designated the room type as Open Below, which created an invisible second floor. Then I changed the room type to Deck which created deck inside my garage the same dimensions as the garage floor: (I tried to paste a screenshot of the garage here, but was not allowed because it included "formatting". Don't know how to remedy that, so I'll attach it as a file) So, I've made progress, but don't k
  13. A couple weeks ago, I was able to create the storage space within first floor by building a giant soffit. That worked, but showed no framing. My ultimate goal is to produce framing drawings to present to the city for the permitting process. What I'm trying to accomplish is a loft-like storage area to appear at the rear of the garage with framing visible. The drawing Eric made as an example, shown above, is very close to what I'm shooting for, but I was unable to produce such a look myself. Eric - In your example you said, regarding the second floor, "part is Open Below". I've fig