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  1. Awesome! Did not know that tool was available. I will research that. Thank you very much Solver.
  2. Thank you for your fast reply. Can you explain a little more, if its not to much trouble.
  3. Hello out there. Has anyone found a way to show Stucco Reveal Lines for a stucco building or on a house. Using Home Designer Pro and Chief Architect. Preferably something that is easy to adjust to the edges of doors and windows like in the Pic. Hopefully someone has found a way to do this. Thanks. Any suggestion is appreciated.
  4. I just saw that they are available but only with SSA membership. If someone has found an easy method of drawing these, I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
  5. Hello. Ignacio Martinez here. Using Home Designer Pro 2018. Wondering If there is an Easy way to create metal awnings like the ones in commercial buildings. I have not found any in the 3D Library.
  6. Disregard that last question. I Tried the lintel, added the material and the Brick pattern followed the arch. Thanks That worked Great.
  7. Thank You For Replying. What about when adding material.Would I have to create different textures for each individual angle of each brick if I want it to look more realistic?
  8. Using Home Designer Pro 2018. Is There an easy or automatic way to create arched brick rowlocks or soldier course above arched windows or on an arched Porch Entrance? Similar to the Pics.
  9. Can you elaborate more on this. Maybe show some example pics. Thanks.
  10. Thank You So Much Solver. Your suggestions worked and sorry about the PDF's. I will post pics next time. I will work on my signature also. I am new to all this. Thank You again.
  11. Thank you for your response. On the first question, if you notice behind the corbel, the stone does not go all the way. There is a little corner showing the stud or interior wall material I suppose. Maybe I drew it wrong from the start. I started with all my exterior walls and the roof was all built at the same level. Then for the bump outs, I added some interior walls to create a small section so that I could change the ceiling ht. for that section. I made those walls invisible because this is the garage we are looking at and I didn't want a small room within the garage. For the second question, I suppose I can use some square column from the library and change the material to stone, but what about the top section? I would like the columns and arch to be the same stone material. I've added a Stone Porch pic I found on the internet to show what I am talking about. Thanks Again. Perspective View 3.pdf
  12. I'm new to Home Designer. Currently using the Pro version. I love it so far. Just wondering how to get the material of the higher walls overlapping lower roofs to completely over lap the roof. Sorry if its confusing. I've attached a photo to demonstrate. Second question. I need to draw stone columns with an arched entry, also stone, for my front porch. I've drawn the roof using room divider tool. Pic attached for this also. Thanks for any help I can get. Perspective View 1.pdf Perspective View 2.pdf