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  1. Louisb

    Innerwalls do not reach ceiling

    Hello, I am drawing my house unsing Home Designer Architectual 2019. The problem I have is that the inner walls of the first floor are not high enough (see picture). I have no idea why. Normal innerwalls should (default) Always exactly bit between floor and ceiling. I think there is not even a way to adjust the wall high, at least not in the architectual version. I tried every thing to fix it. Nothing seems to work, not even deleting and rebuilding the wall(s). Note that the ceiling high of all rooms on the floor (rough ceiling) are identical. I hope some one knows how to fix this issue. Sincerely, Louis
  2. Could be that I made mistakes, but also noticed that I did start with Home Designer Architectural 2015, than 2016 than 2017 now 2018. All editions where a little bit better. And that was very necessary IMHO. And that the ceiling height of the extension is higher is completely on purpose. Louis
  3. Hello, You asked which software version I am using. The answer is in fact in the title of the question. Never the less I did upgrade to Home Designer Architectural 2018 from 2017 yesterday. Related to my house hereby two photo's. One photo from the front also showing the roof and a second showing the balcony on the third floor. One of the roof and one from the balcony below. But note that I added the screenshots to show what is going wrong IMHO (hoping that it is being fixed :)) Or that I am wrong of course! Sincerely, Louis
  4. Hello, David you are right it is better to show the real model give examples. Hereby a model of my house. Not at all ready. In the description of my previous mail and also from the attached pictures you can see some of the problems I am facing. General feeling "the architectural version is not good engough for serieus work". Never the less I hope hope there are solutions for the shown problems. Sincerely, Louis OnsHuisNewFase9tapijt4_TryOutAanbouwF4 - TEST.plan
  5. Hello, I am using Home Designer Architectural 2018 and just like with the previous versions, I am completely lost if it concerns especially roofs. I am trying to draw my home experimenting with potential extensions. But let me start describing my fight: The house has three floors. Let me first describe the third flour - the outer walls of the second floor are the walls of the balcony on the third floor. On the third flour they are about 1.20 m high - the size of the sealing of the second floor is about 13 m by 6.5 m - the living space of the third floor is about say 9 by 4 meter and is more or less a box situated on top of the second flour, around 3 of four sides of the third floor there is the balcony. The first floor has an extension. That extension is higher than the rest of the first floor and of course has its own roof - There are three roofs in this example o The roof above the first floor example o The roof below the balcony on the third floor o The roof above the living space on the third floor I tried a lot but I do not manage to make that drawing at all. I am facing lots of issues: - After creating the third floor I reduced the height of the ceiling in order to give the outside walls the height they need for the balcony walls. o It does not work. I think it is a bug the side wall is behaving as expected the other walls are nog - I try to create an roof below the balcony no idea how to do that - I tried to create a normal roof only above the third floor living space, I did not manage - I tried to treat the roofs above the first floor extension and the top roof independent, I did not manage - I tried to select the all the walls from the first flour extension as being the floor for the extension roof, again I did not manage. For some reason I could select the four sites of the extension (including one invisible wall), but the outer corners of the walls are not selectable - Changing one roof affects other roofs (crazy) - Walls are not completely selectable (I do not understand) - Selecting walls of the living area on the third floor should not lead to a roof above the balcony. I could prevent that selecting “no roof above the third floor” in combination with a roof above the living area but the result is not at all ok - Etc. I am probably stupid, but IMHO you should simply select all the involved walls activate roof above these walls, after which you get some questions about how the roof should look. Ready. But not so. My feeling is that I am facing issue you need, but which are not supported in the Architectural version. I hope I am mistaken! I sincerely hope things like these can be done in the Architectural version and people can give hint how. Will be appreciated. Sincerely, Louis